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Ministry at St. Paul's is all about Worshiping God, Connecting with others, Growing in Christ, and Serving in Jesus' name.

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We were created to worship God, and worship is our natural response to him. At St. Paul's, we worship together through the hearing and preaching of God's word, by singing praises to God, and through the sacraments. But worship doesn't end after Sunday's services, worship continues throughout the week in our individual daily devotions, in our small groups, and through every act of our lives.

  • Music Ministry
    Do you have gifts and talents as a musician or a vocalist? We're always looking for musically talented folks for special events and to be a part of our Music Team.
  • Altar Ministry
    The Altar Ministry contributes to the dignity and reverence of the Eucharistic by setting the altar each week, caring for the altar hangings, tending to the details of making the altar a focus of our Worship. Men and youth are particularly invited to serve on Altar Ministry.
  • Worship Ministry
    Worship at St. Paul's requires many ministers, from the Chalice Bearers who assist with Eucharist, to the Worship Greeters who focus on making newcomers welcome in Worship, to Lectors who read Scriptures in Worship. If you have a heart for Worship, there is a place for you on the Worship Ministry Team.
  • Intercessors
    Prayer is an essential part of Worship. Intercessors pray for others during Holy Communion and for the parish throughout the entire Worship service. Additionally, Intercessors craft the Prayers of the People and may lead the Prayers of the People during Worship.
  • Sound Team
    The ministry of the Sound Team involves operating the sound board during Worship, recording the sermon and music, and editing/mastering the sermon for the website. If you like sound equipment and recording, the Sound Team is the place for you. (top)

Loving and accountable relationships are the foundation of transformed lives, and we structure our common life together so that members of St. Paul's can form those relationships and so that visitors can become connected to those relationships.

  • Greeters
    Visitors to St. Paul's are met by friendly and informed Greeters who go out of their way to Connect the visitor to St. Paul's by answering questions, escorting parents and children to the Nursery or Children's Worship, and introducing newcomers to others. Greeters generally serve once per month.
  • Parking Lot Greeters
    On days when it is rainy or cold, Parking Lot Greeters escort visitors and members into the building, providing umbrellas, assistance with children, and even assistance with parking cars, when necessary.
  • Prayer Shawl Ministry
    Parishioners, family and friends in need of encouragement receive a prayer shawl that was knit and prayed over by members of the Prayer Shawl Ministry. Experience knitting is not necessary – others will happily teach you how!
  • Care Ministry
    When parishioners and friends experience significant events in their life, from illness to the birth of new baby, the Care Ministry makes contact and provides food or other personal assistance as needed. The Care Ministry is always on the lookout for parishioners who are ready to prepare and deliver a meal to someone in need!
  • Moms Group
    The Moms Groups meets regularly for play group and to support one another. If you are a new mother (or if you will soon be!), the Moms Group is a great place for you to Connect with other mothers and children at St. Paul's.
  • Pastoral Care
    St. Paul's provides a year-long training course for those individuals who are gifted in caring for others. The training, which covers everything from hospital visits to caring for those grieving a loss, is conducted monthly with supervised care assignments very early on.
  • St. Paul's Youth – SPY
    The Youth – 6th grade through High School – meet regularly for study and fellowship. Adult mentors are always needed to help the Youth Grow their faith. (top)

Disciples of Jesus Christ don't "just happen;" they are made. We grow as disciples of Jesus through study of his word, through intentional discipleship relationships, through topical and application oriented studies, and by our individual spiritual disciplines. As we learn and grow in the knowledge of our Lord, our lives become transformed into his likeness. Select opportunities to GROW at St. Paul's from the list below:

  • Bible Studies
    Throughout the year, we offer studies of specific books of the Bible. No Bible study experience is necessary – simply show up and join in the discussion! 
  • Women's Bible Study
    The Women's Bible Study meets regularly – usually on Thursday mornings – for study and fellowship. Previous studies include Experiencing God and Beth Moore's, The Patriarchs. No previous experience with Bible study is necessary.
  • Children's Ministry
    On Sunday mornings, the Children's Ministry Team provides age appropriate Worship for the youngest members of St. Paul's. No previous experience is required – you simply need to be willing to minister once per month and the Team will get you plugged in!
  • Adult Sunday School
    Following roughly the school calendar, St. Paul's offers regular Adult Sunday School from 9:15 am to 10:10 am. Adult Sunday School centers around study of specific books of the Bible. No previous experience with Bible study or Sunday School is required. 
  • Children's Sunday School
    Following roughly the school calendar, St. Paul's offers regular and age appropriate Children's Sunday School from 9:15 am to 10:10 am. The Children's Ministry Team welcomes adults who will teach one month at a time or substitute throughout the year. No previous experience is required – the Children's Ministry Team will help you with curriculum and preparation.
  • Individual Bible Study Aids
    If you are interested in studying the Bible on your own, St. Paul's has a ton of resources handy for your use. Even if you've never studied the Bible, St. Paul's has resources to get you started! (top)

As we are changed and transformed by the Gospel of Jesus, we begin to reach out to others. At St. Paul's, we serve the community in many ways, and we partner with others in ministering in the Dallas area and in foreign countries. The links below describe specific ways you can Serve:

  • Cornerstone Assistance Ministry
    Prosper has a "one stop" ministry to assist those in need of personal assistance such as clothing and mentoring: Cornerstone Assistance Ministry. If you can Serve as a mentor to those in need or if you can Serve at one of the Cornerstone locations, please let us know!
  • Folsom Elementary
    Folsom turns to St. Paul's often for support and ministry. Examples include providing mentors for students and our Folsom Readers program. (top)
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